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  December 1997

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Here's Why:

  • It just plain sucks.
  • Long download, large pics, everythings in one html file!

Positives About The Page:

  • We tried and tried, but theres nothing positive about this one.
   Nominated by: SossyGirl



Ok, I've seen bad, and then there's worse! This page takes FOREVER to load up. There are no less than 75 pictiures to load, and most are fairly large in size. Everything is on one page! There appears to be links, but they're just that kind that sends you further down the page, not the kind that ends you up at another html file. It's nuts! There's no real info to view... just pics of attacks, which might be ok...if you have a few hours to wait for them to load. Plus some unusual things like "Bunny Tsukino" for Sailor Moon's name, plus "Mina Minako?" Minako is Venus' name in the Japanese...not her last name in the dub! OY!


YEOW!!!!!! What the hell is this? I hope this person was trying to make the worst Sailor Moon page ever. Damn it, divide stuff up into more than one HTML! Plus there is no real information here, it's all pictures!


Um... Okay. We have super huge font, first of all. Secondly, all the info is way off. 'Neptune Tidal Wave Submerge' and 'Neptune Deep Submerge'? Excuse me, but aren't they like... the same thing? The first being the fandub's gross name, the second not even being the real Japanese name? Okay, right, all the other powers are the NA SM powers mixed in with incorrectly termed Japanese attack names. Then apparently these people can't figure out the right American names of the 'scouts' either, nor the Japanese ones, when they try. As for the pics- I'd expect like hours of loading time except for the fact that none of the pictures worked! All of them were broken links!

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