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  August 1997

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For those who like the Sailors

Here's Why:

  • Made by someone who hates the senshi... um, scouts
  • It mixes NA info terribly with Japanese info
  • Uses the Outer Scout so-called dub names
  • Character profiles are totally messed up
  • Saturn page totally screwed up

Positives About The Page:

  • Hotaru pics - basically doujinshi
   Nominated by: Steph



People for a while have been asking us to hit "Sailor Moon Haters" pages; we haven't done any yet because most are not worth the time. But here's a page that tries to hate Sailor Moon, but makes themselves look like an idiot cause of wrong info, etc. The funny thing is, does the creator really hate them? Whoever it is seems to have a lot of video clips for someone who hates the show. Seeing that this person hates the show, I'm not going to be to picky on the info the page has for most of the Senshi, but I'll tell you most of it is wrong and very general. Saturn seems to be a character this person likes, so let's look at that. "By the way, her name is Hotaru Tomoe. (Helen in the dub.)" Umm, once again she hasn't been in the dub and by the looks of things never will be! So where's this Helen coming from? It does have a few nice pics in the Saturn section though.


Ok, so why the hell would you put up a page about the senshi if you don't even like them? Oh wait, she uses 'scouts.' And she uses 'Michelle', 'Alex', 'Helen', et cetera. Has she even seen the dub... or the original for that matter? Saturn is not evil most of the time. She's not even really evil in S. Okay, here's a fun fact: "She and Renee are best of friends. They feel especially close because they were both posessed by an evil spirit at one time." What the heck was that?! Some of the Hotaru pics were original only because they were doujinshi, and not from the real anime. On the other... _scouts_ < gag > "Michelle" falls in love with Sailor Uranus. Falls in love? Girl, she's _been_ in love with her even before they met! "Rei" [Wow, it's weird how people always use the Japanese versions of the names when it comes to Rei and Ami; can't they spell 'Amy' or 'Raye' if they're talking about the dub?] is the snobbiest sailor, and Reeny [Chibi-usagi] is the worst. Ok, so "Alex" is the third Outer Scout [oh wait, she used senshi this time, even though she uses scout for Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus] to appear, yet she and Neptune show up at exactly the same time. Pluto's stuff is all wrong too... And since when has Sailor V fought in France? It's England in the anime. Besides all this trashed info, the pictures are terrible. She said she wanted to drive the fans of the Sailors off... Well, she did. She also proved that she knows NOTHING about Sailor Moon whatsoever, and that her page is totally worthless unless you want to see some Hotaru doujinshi.

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