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  February 1998

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Prince Diamond's NegaMoon Zone HQ

Here's Why:

  • A wav with the sailors calling out their transformation phrases (in English) over and over and... Shoot me now! Please!
  • Direct links files
  • Long time to load
  • Overloaded with Javascript message boxes
  • Doesn't even fit a 1024 resolution
  • Could go on and on and on...

Positives About The Page:

  • The owner has some nice original ideas for interaction with visitors.
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This huge site has a lot to do, you could spend hours going through all of this stuff. He's also not afraid to have his say about bad SM pages either. One little thing I noticed though, on "The Trouble With Sailor Moon Pages Page" in the bottom frame: there are two sets of links, one in old Times Font, the other in Arial. The "Times" one does not work properly, it brings the index page up in the bottom frame only.


Spiffy page. The author isn't shy about saying what he does and doesn't like about webpages and tries to make his a good example. He cuts right to the chase on the character pages by not repeating the 'what eat likes to eat' bit and giving character descriptions that demonstrate that he is knowledgeable about the show. Blunt, informative, and entertaining, definitely a good page.


No comment- the page didn't load up the first three times I tried, then crashed the second two when I actually got it to load.


This is a great page! I like how he did a psychoanalysis of sorts on all the characters. I don't particularly like Rei, but I'm glad that he put up a section on her & Usagi's friendship, because he's right, a lot of people don't understand it. Just a great page made by someone who isn't afraid to speak his mind.

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