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  Second Look : July 1999

The Sailor Moon Cell Gallery
Creator: D. Degruyl
General Info: An episode cel gallery with text descriptions of each scene.
Other References: Best of July 1997



Exactly two years ago, this month, we reviewed a page called "The Sailor Moon Cell Gallery".

The Cell Gallery provides a way for fans of Sailor Moon to view various episodes through screen captures, while they can read descriptions about what is going on in each scene. If I remember correctly, this was the first page to offer this to Sailor Moon fans. Sure, there was Toto's old site, but The Cell Gallery offers text descriptions of what is going on, not just the screen captures. The descriptions often throw in an extra bit of extra commentary and humor from the site's owner, making the site that much more enjoyable. This excellent idea has provided many English fans without access to fansubs, fandubs, or even some of the Dic Series a way to experience many episodes for the first time.

Since we reviewed it, D. Degruyl also founded and operated S.A.D., an anti-dub bashing club, and also started writting fanfics. S.A.D. is now gone, but new fanfics are still coming.

The only way I think the Cell Gallery could improve is to alter it's main page. While you can get around fairly easy, and it does work, it has a little to much text on it. I would suggest moving the logo to the top of the page and placing the current episode descriptions ("Now Showing") on another, separate page. Leaving only the page introduction and updates on the main index. Some of you might be saying it could also offer more episodes at the same time, but all of those screen shots take up a lot of space and not all of us can afford or even wants to spend a lot of money on our websites. So having two or three at a time I feel is already pretty good.

Some could argue The Cell Gallery has out lived it's usefulness for two reasons: One, connections to the Internet are now faster, and many can download actual video clips. Two, the show is now over, many have seen all the episodes. Some may think that, but I feel it's untrue. Not everyone has a cable modem or the time to download video files of several megabytes, even with 56.6 bps modems. A Clip Gallery can still give you what you want, but a lot faster. In addition, there are many out there who still haven't seen all the "non-dubbed" episodes, and there are a few others who every now and then can feel nostalgic for the English episodes, but can't find them on T.V. anymore. Thus, the Cell Gallery still has a place, and still provides an excellent service to Sailor Moon fans.

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