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  Sailormoon : February 1999

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Coki's Sailormoon Square
Creator: Coki
General Info: An excellent combo page for information, pictures, and a good laugh.
Nominated By: Eugenia

This page was another of the runners-up in our last SM People's Choice Award Vote. After cruising tons of character shrines, it's actually nice to browse a combo page for once. Don't get me wrong, shrines are nice and offer a ton of info on one character, but of course they can't bring everything together like a combo page can. Coki's page does this even better than most combo pages I've seen. Everything can be cross-referenced from another page. For example, you can be reading up on Sailorjupiter and then see something about Sailorvenus. You want to find out more about Venus, so you click the link. Very few pages offer this on the scale that Coki does. It's a very nice, handy feature. Her character profiles also have [gasp!] original pic galleries! She has a of mine pictures I have never seen before! Damn, I bet this is only going to lead to people stealing them now...
Coki's opinions, scattered through out the site are amusing, and insightful. Whatever you do check out Nephlite's Horoscopes and CSMSq! Polls! in the Sailormoon Fun Room. I know what you are saying, "Stupid polls and Horoscopes? Come on, CereCere, give me a break!" But just trust your old pal CereCere! These aren't your average polls and horoscopes! They are a scream!
Overall, I have to say this is one of the best sites I have ever seen.


I don't think I have ever seen more =) on a single website before. CereCere was correct in noting that there are pics here that I haven't seen on the net before. It will be a shame when (yes, when) people start stealing them. The commentary and puns that go along with the information are a kick. This page gives the impression of being done by a real fan of Sailormoon who wants to share the fun.


I like this page. It's cute, nicely set-up, and it has good information. It has a lot of information, going into more stuff than the usual stuff complete with her own opinions and things of that nature. There are also many other things to do if you feel the urge to let loose and have some fun. This is overall a site definitely worth visiting.


This is a really nice site. Lots of info on the characters, but it focuses on their personalities more so than attacks and other technical hoopla.
The site is also very pretty in it's layout, :) She puts smileys everywhere which makes the visitor feel very comfortable and it makes her seem very approachable as well.
I REALLY like the fun room though, there's all sorts of funny little things here. Maa ne...I was bashed by Nephlite in my horoscope! SCREW YOU, NEPHY!!! :P Oh, okay ummm back to the reviews...hehe
Well, anyways, check out this page, it's definitely worth your time. :)

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